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The Norfolk Uncovered Project:

In search of Norfolks forgotten history, Norfolk Uncovered is an on-going series of video documentaries delving deep into the heart of Norfolk to uncover the fascinating history of some of the Countys unloved architecture.

From the weather-beaten defences left over from the Second World War, to the decaying carcass of the former HM Stationery Office; From old runways to abandoned railways, Norfolk Uncovered reveals the stories behind the insignificant ruins that litter the landscape- and those who remember them.

Facing nothing but planning battles or imminent demolition, many of the sites featured in Norfolk Uncovered may not be here in the future, however, a number of local groups and individuals are keen to preserve their local heritage.

Find out what's happening with the curious dome-like structure on the edge of former RAF Langham, how a former railway station was uncovered in the heart of Norwich, and what you can do to help a former RAF station get the recognition it deserves-

Find out more in our videos.


Latest News:

28th June 2017

The Story of The Control Tower, RAF North Creake

 After compiling several years of footage, the story of Nigel and Claire's journey of transforming the control tower into a unique guest house with a 1940's flavour has finally been released on film.
See the building in various states of repair as we follow the couple from the moment they started on their ambitious plans to the moment they open their doors to the public for the first time.


 Watch the video here.


26th December 2014

RAF West Raynham Memorial Unveiling Ceremony

Back in September, we filmed the unveiling ceremony of the new memorial at the former RAF West Raynham airfield.

Watch the unveiling ceremony here.


7th November 2014

Norfolk Uncovered: Stiffkey Camp and the Mystery of the Whirlygig Explained!

Landowner Mark Harrison takes us for a look around the remains of the former Stiffkey Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Camp used during the Second World War to train troops in the art of good shooting.

But what is the meaning of that perculier ring of tarmac on the edge of the marsh?
Watch the video to find out more...



19th July 2014 

Langham Dome open to the public

Following years of hard work and fundraising, the former dome trainer at RAF Langham was officially opened to the public as a unique new tourist attraction paying tribute to those who served at the former airfield and the dome trainer's ingenious concept, which was said to have been a war-winning invention.

 This video captures the atmosphere of the opening ceremony which saw guest speakers include former Royal Austrailian Airforce veteran, Dr. Bert Osborn DFC, who served at RAF Langham as a navigator during the Second World War.

Watch the video here.



5th February 2014

Norfolk Uncovered: Exploring Norfolks only locked canal

In association with the North Walsham & Dilham Canal Trust, our latest video explores the remains of Norfolks only locked canal and what is being done to prevent it from further deterioration.

Joining us from the East Anglian Waterways Association is archivist Ivan Cane, who tells us about the fascinating history surrounding the canal and the restoration work being carried out in order to save this important part of our heritage.

Watch the video here.


22nd January 2014

Norfolk Uncovered: Norfolk On Film

We're teaming up with the people at BBC Voices to showcase our videos as part of their Norfolk On Film project, which will see our videos appear on their website over the coming months.
Find out more here.


18th January 2014

Norfolk Uncovered: The Story of RAF Bard Hill

Our latest video tells the story of Bard Hill Radar station, which overlooks the village of Salthouse on the North Norfolk coast. 

Stationed at RAF Bard Hill during the late 1940s, RAF veteran Ken Melbourne shares his memories of the site accompanied by many original photographs.
Watch the video here.

More about the fascinating history of Salthouse can be found here.


17th November 2013

Norfolk Uncovered: Making Tracks

During the summer, we teamed up with members of the local railway conservation group Friends of Norwich City Station (FoNCS) and followed the former branch line from its once bustling terminus at Norwich City Station to the railway town of Melton Constable, once dubbed "the Crewe of Norfolk".
Watch the video here.


19th September 2013

Norfolk Uncovered at RAF West Raynham

We had a rare opportunity to film around the former RAF West Raynham airfield as a number of veterans got together to hear the latest news on a memorial campaign, which will see a piece of monumental masonry erected in memory of all those who served at the station from 1939 until closure in 1994.
Watch the video here.
20th August 2013

Norfolk Uncovered traces the lost railways of Cromer

The team go in search of the former railway infrastructure that once surrounded the popular seaside town of Cromer, coming across abandoned viaducts, signal boxes, and the only standard-gauge railway tunnel in Norfolk...
Watch the video here.

5th February 2013

Norfolk Uncovered video featured in Norwich Evening News

An article about our video of HMSO Sovereign House has appeared in the Norwich Evening News. The article can be found here.


20th January 2013

Norfolk Uncovered visit East Anglia's ugliest building

Courtesy of Centenary Ashcroft and Anglia Square, the team were given special permission to film inside Sovereign House, a 7-storey brutalist-style office block, which looms over the Anglia Square shopping centre... and was once home to Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO).

The team also had the privellage of being joined by Reg Walker, former HMSO employee and editor of the HMSOldies website, who relives his memories after working at Sovereign House for almost 30 years.
Watch the video here.

10th December 2012

Norfolk Uncovered revisit "Fields of Deception"

With the assistance of Arch Publications, an updated video on Norfolk's bombing decoys has been created. The video features some original photographs taken by the late Harold Sykes, who was stationed at a decoy airfield on the Slindon Estate, West Sussex.
Watch the updated video here.

More about Harold Sykes can be found at:


29th November 2012

Norfolk Uncovered: Visit to an Emergency Planning Bunker

Join our un-named team of urban explorers on their visit to the Broadland Emergency Centre, an emergency planning bunker situated next to the Broadland District Council offices at Thorpe Lodge, Norwich.
Watch the video here.


9th October 2012

Norfolk Uncovered: Second World War Navigator revisits RAF Langham 
Members of local group "The Friends of Langham Dome" were joined by Bert Osborn, a navigator on the Bristol Beaufighters of 455 RAAF Squadron during the Second World War.
He recalls his memories in this video.


24th September 2012

Norfolk Uncovered: A New Episode for a New Series... 
After a quiet few months, new videos are currently in the pipeline...
This new episode has been released as a taste of things to come: promising better video footage and better sound quality...


4th July 2012

Norfolk Uncovered: Celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
We ventured out on the water to capture the community spirit of Blakeney village and their take on the Jubilee Flotilla.
More than 50 bunting-clad vessels took part and arrived into the Quay to a waiting crowd.
Photographs of the event appeared in the local papers the next day.

Watch the video to find out more!


1st November 2011

Norfolk Uncovered: Memories of those who were there
We interviewed 2 veterans who both remember working around North Norfolk's military establishments.

Laurence Jordan: Grew up in the Army-occupied village of Stiffkey and later worked as a civillian at RAF Langham during the early Cold War.

Larry Anderson: 55 years after being billetted at RAF Langham's domestic site on Morston Road, Larry revisits his former barracks, and life in the US Army.


12th June 2011

Norfolk Uncovered: Langham Dome In Detail
Fullfilling the requests of Chairman of the Friends Of Langham Dome, Patrick Allen, we bring you a more in-depth look at the curious, black, dome-like structure, standing to the East of the former RAF Langham.

Watch the video to find out more!

For more information on the RAF Langham Dome Trainer, Click HERE. 


7th May 2011

Norfolk Uncovered Under Your Beaches.
There's more to Brancaster beach than sand dunes and the Royal West Norfolk Golf Course...

Watch the video to find out more! 


2nd April 2011

Norfolk Uncovered Visit West Norfolk Wartime Radar Station.
Courtesy of the Brancaster Barrow Common Management Committee, we were able to gain access to the remaining buildings on the site of the former RAF Barrow Common Radar Station, bringing you footage from inside the buildings, which are not open to the general public.
Watch the video to find out more!


18th March 2011

Norfolk Uncovered At Former School For Maladjusted Children.
Our appeal for information on the former Hilbre School in Sheringham was met with a fair amount of interest.
The Un-named Team Of Urban Explorers were joined by an ex-pupil, who gave a detailed guided tour of the former school, which is soon to be demolished to make way for the town's new Community Centre as part of a deal with Tesco.
Watch the video to find out more!


21st February 2011

Norfolk Uncovered Goes Underground Once Again.
After some eventfull visits beneath the city of Norwich, the next episode is now available.
Featuring accurate maps of the underground workings.
Watch the video to find out more!


2nd February 2011

Norfolk Uncovered visit to Happisburgh leads to exciting discovery.
The team were joined by historian Jim Whiteside from the Happisburgh Heritage Group and came across some very interesting finds...
Watch the video to find out more!


17th January 2011 

Norfolk Uncovered is to be involved in the RAF Langham Dome Trainer Project.
Due to interest in the 2-part video on RAF Langham, Chairman of FoLD (Friends Of Langham Dome), Patrick Allen, has asked us to produce a more detailed video focusing on the dome itself.

For more information on the RAF Langham Dome Trainer, Click HERE.


Norfolk Uncovered Supported By The Pillbox Study Group
The Pillbox Study Group are helping to preserve the large number of surviving pillboxes in the United Kingdom and their positive feedback on the Norfolk Uncovered episode "Fortifications" has seen the group host a link to the episode on their website.

The link can be found here, on the Pillbox Study Group Website.

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